School 2 School Support

Any school is able to commission a School 2 School Support project by contacting

Each School 2 School Support project will involve an initial due diligence exercise and completion of a report, which will be shared with the School 2 School Support working group. This group will review the most effective support available for the school and will be involved in regular quality assurance reviews of the support provided. All School 2 School Support plans will include exit arrangements and terms and conditions to ensure all agreements/expectations are understood by all parties. Key arrangements for School 2 School deployments will include:

  •  Due Diligence Report

  •  Working Group Review

  •  Action Plan identified with success criteria linked to pupil performance and agreed with Working Group

  •  Notes of visit and progress reports completed (random sample to be monitored by Working Group)

  •  Project Evaluation Summary (reviewed with Working Group)

  •  Next steps action plan for school

All costs for the support programme will discussed and agreed before project commencement. It is important to highlight that no school will be able to offer free support, as this places an unfair burden on the supporting school. 

Commissioning School 2 School Support
School 2 School Health Check Days

All schools can access a series of health check days with Forge TSA member schools being offered reduced rates. These will be conducted by a  Local Leader in Education (LLE), a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) or a National Leader in Education (NLE) from the Alliance. These days can be organised however the school wishes. They may be used for a collective data review, or as teaching and learning review. The member school identifies the area of school improvement they would like to work together on and agrees the activities and outcomes before they start. The support is very much a collaborative approach led by the member school. The main aim should be to use the LLE, SLE and/or NLE to reaffirm judgments and areas of need to support the SEF evidence.